Off Beat // Colin Moran

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Purveyor Colin Moran was recently invited on a What Youth boat trip and they got to chat about some really important nonsense in an all new Off Beat. The madness from that trip will be premiering on What Youth on Thursday, July 28th.

"Saw Colin Moran at the donut shop once. Then at the smoothie shop. Then saw him ripping around town and loved his surf style. Which led us to inviting him to Indo on a boat. He was actually brave enough to travel with us for the whole journey. Before the trip we went to Bali on the way and managed to lose his boards in the process (imagine for a second going on the boat trip you’ve always dreamed of going on your whole life and now your boards don’t show…that happened to Colin). Then we took him to Singapore’s very high-end Changi airport on the way home for a night on wine in a robe.

We also made him answer our Off Beat questions. Which some people like to call “Beat Off” because the Internet." - What Youth

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