Day Off in the Bahamas

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We followed along as the adventurous ladies Karina Petroni and Lex Weinstein headed to the Bahamas with photographer Carl Rosen by their side to capture the amazing beauty.

"Bahama Voyage" was a collaborative trip amongst creative, ocean enthused individuals, capturing beautiful, dynamic moments via photos and video. We traversed through Eleuthera and Harbour Island, exploring new places and surfing the pristine Bahamian beaches. In Harbour Island we had the chance to stay at the amazing artist residency Touchstone Properties, alongside the infamous pink sand beach and in Eleuthera we stayed at the Bahamas Sea-Cliff Cottage that had panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. We truly had the best accommodation during our trip."

Here are some highlights from their time spent relaxing, exploring, and surfing...make sure to take notes for your next adventure to the Bahamas.

For Harbour Island:
• Cruising the streets of historic Dunmore Town by bicycles or golf cart, which in fact were the only rentable means of transport on the island.
• Hanging out at Touchstone Properties was tranquil and inspiring. We were making breakfast with the fruit we had just picked off the trees, it was the ultimate tropical experience.
• The Pink Sand Beach is truly unique, with the changing sunlight throughout the day, you see different shades of pink. Combine the pink sand with piercing aquamarine water, and you get drop dead gorgeous.
• Watching the crew at Queen Conch, clean, slice and dice your conch salad into a masterpiece is a must and we washed it all down with some of the countries' water, a Kalik.

For Eleuthera:
• Preachers Cave is where the Eleutherian Adventures took refuge after being shipwrecked on the Devils Back Bone Reef , they were the first people to settle on the island.
• The Glass Window Bridge is amazing, you can stand atop of where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the Caribbean Sea.
• Hanging in Gregory Town was always a good time, it's home to music legend Lenny Kravitz and we ate some of the juiciest pineapple the country had to offer and surfed some fun waves down at Surfers Beach.

Featuring Karina Petroni and Lex Weinstein in the Champagne Coast, Psychedelic Solution and Stay Tuned.

Photography by Carl Rosen

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