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We spent the day with Child of Wild founder and all around babe, Eileen Lofgren, to get inspired and swap design ideas for our exclusive collection. Take a peek inside her beautiful office in San Diego, CA and read about what makes her so passionate about her brand.

We obviously love you, and your philosophies and your vision. But for someone who doesn’t know what Child of Wild is tell them who you are?
Child of Wild is a lifestyle brand that is rooted in the belief that pieces with a rich culture history or a passion for design are the pieces that make your home and life fulfilled. We LOVE to search out eclectic jewelry and objects that have a deeper meaning. In a world that promotes an excess of things, we hope to offer pieces that speak to your soul and that you will treasure forever.

How was Child of Wild born?
Child of Wild was originally born when I started adorning animal skulls with different embellishments and when I posted it to social media I immediately got custom orders! The jewelry came second when I found a need for a hyper-conscious jewelry website within the fashion industry. Using the example of Native American jewelry, I was seeing these cultural designs copied (overseas) and ignorantly re-sold with out recognition of the artist or culture. The designs were cheap copies but to the cultures themselves, these designs meant so much more then just making a profit. They reflected generations of tradition and pride. I wanted to do the research and present my clients with authentic cultural jewelry as well as give the historic meaning to each piece. This concept was well received and we have the most amazing, loyal clients!

There is such allure to the brand and yourself, which has created a loyal following — how does that influence the brand?
We love to attract the fashion-outliers, the art-makers and the hyper-creative. We have an extremely high standard for authenticity and our clients welcome unique designs. We have a motto in the office “Never Cute, Always Rad”. I think people want rad things! We often get emails from clients saying every time they wear one of our pieces they get compliments. The intention behind the creation of our jewelry can be felt, our pieces are handmade with love and tradition and it stands out from the generic.

True artisans are part of the backbone of Child of Wild, what drew you to the particular cultures that you highlight and work with?
I studied Humanities with a discipline in Philosophy in college and through my studies my universe exploded! I learned about what makes humanity tick and the beauty of religion and cultures. I have a favorite quote from Shakspear’s Hamlet “There are more things in this Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy”. I am humbled by the cultures and artisans we source from and I love to learn about the spiritual importance of their pieces. There is so much rad in this world I want people to appreciate and learn about these designs!

All of the above is why we wanted to work with you and all the magic that is Child of wild, but what drew you to collaborate with D’Blanc?
I believe D’Blanc has the same sensitivity to quality as we do. I loved that all of your glasses are handcrafted in Italy, not in Asia. After our first meeting and seeing the passion and meticulous attention to detail your entire team exudes, I knew this collaboration would be amazing. We are both lifestyle brands that come from similar philosophies and love to create art.

I know it’s hard to pick just one, but what’s your favorite piece in the collection? and why?
The Struggle !!!!! There is something unique and special about each design, but if I had to choose it would be the Prologue in Quartz. I love monochromatics and these glasses are such an odd combination of color and shape (in THE BEST way). I love different/odd things and when I wear the Prologue I immediately feel cool. “The End” would be a close second!

And the most important question— what’s the most fun part or your day?
Everyday I get to come into my office and be creative. I have an amazing team of girls and we get weird and create art every day. From curating an instagram picture to buying eclectic jewelry, art and passion are apart of everything we do.

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