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The LiveFAST with D'Blanc Psychedelic Solution is an exclusive collaboration between LiveFAST Mag and D’Blanc.

To celebrate this collaboration, we're giving away a pair of Psychedelic Solution shades in Rose Lucite.

You keep your eyes hidden, that way you can observe. The world moves a bit slower in the summertime, there is something about this season that feels cinematic. You roll the windows down and kick your heels up on the dash. The wind rustles through your hair and pricks the nerves along your spine. You’re in the best of company, with the strongest group of women you know. Power in numbers, you think to yourself. You and your girls call these last minute missions the Psychedelic Solution. That’s what it really is - a solution. A solution to the crowded streets of Los Angeles, the congestion of city life. It shifts into that sweetness of freedom that lays on your tongue, melting like a drug in your mouth. True intoxication is reveling in your femininity and watching the world race around you. Introducing the LiveFAST with D’Blanc collaboration - we’ve found your Psychedelic Solution.

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