Day Off + Trash Talk // Tamaryn

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Don't miss Tamaryn live on Saturday, May 21st at the Vissla 2016 Cosmic Creek
For more information and schedule of events, head to vissla.com
Here's an interview we did with Tamaryn after she provided us with the mystical sounds behind the D'Blanc Women's Spring 2015 Collection Video...

Shot by Faith Silva
Featuring Tamaryn in the Serial Chiller.

We recently caught up with Tamaryn, our biggest musical crush and the dreamy voice behind our Women's Spring 2015 Collection video. The lovely Faith Silva took a Day Off with Tamaryn in her current city of New York and perused the town in Tamaryn's Miata.

Watch our Women's Spring 2015 Collection video, featuring Tamaryn's single 'I'm Gone' from her second album, Tender New Signs.

Hi Tamaryn, that’s your real name, right?
Hi it’s Tamaryn and i’m really me.

How would you describe your music?

When did your passion for music start and when did you start to see it as a means to live?
Music has never been a means to live for me in the sense that it supports me financially but it is a reason to live. So, fair trade.

You’re originally from New Zealand and you’re now in New York. What led you to move to the states and how do you think these cities have played a role in those stages of your life?
I’ve lived all over. Yes New Zealand, Washington State, California, NYC and wherever else not worth mentioning. Moving is cool but cities themselves don’t inspire me. People inspire me… to hide from and write songs.

Do you see yourself living in New York for a long time?
I’d like to move to Europe after this new album is done touring. Something new, someone new perhaps.

I think ‘Love Fade’ was the soundtrack to my life after I graduated college and it's still very nostalgic for me (as I'm sure it is for many others). I guess you could probably say that for a majority of your songs..is that the intention behind your music or is it just something that happens naturally?
That’s wonderful to hear. It is very much my intention to invite people into the albums in a personal way. Anyone can make an album if they want to. The challenge seems to be how to make something honest but universal enough that it touches people in a way that creates a synthesis between people’s lives and the songs. The best records become a part of people’s identities.

Any upcoming projects that you’ve been working on?
We have an album about to come out this Summer. It’s a new lineup. Myself, Shaun Durkan (of the band Weekend) and Jorge Elbrecht (of Violens, Lansing Dreiden and Ariel Pink’s HG) wrote and recorded the album together. This is something i’ve been wanting to make for years and it’s finally about become a reality. So i’m really looking forward to a busy year supporting it. Give me some shades to tackle the world in!

Can you finish the sentences below?
Hate… begets hate
Love… fades
Breakfast… never up for it
Music… as religion
The Past… fuck it
The Future… is ours
Hair… flip
Color… box
Money… fork it over

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