Havana Gold

The Havana Gold collection features warm Havana tortoise shell frame tones complimented with brown gradient lenses with a light gold flash coating. Offered in our best selling styles. Afternoon Delight, Modern Lover, Champagne Coast and Prologue.

Child of Wild for D'Blanc

A true collaboration of philosophies and intentions, Child of Wild for D’blanc draws on the rich symbolism of rituals and belief. We value the many cultures that influence us, and take breadth in the meaning. The collection is infused with the mystical relevance of a desert gaze, the flesh hues that leave you feeling naked yet sheltered, and the beauty of culture that rises from the power of the earth. We are for you, we are for her, we are for everyone.


A signature frame by Noa Deane. Reminiscent of a frame from the Mid 90’s, the Lychee features straight lines and subtle branding.

Amuse Society for D'Blanc

Inspired by travel and a true love for all things beach, Southern California label Amuse Society has created a capsule collection exclusively for D’Blanc. Channeling a rock-muse on a beach holiday, this collection was designed for the girl whose bag is never unpacked. Whether she’s heading off to the desert for a casual weekend getaway, or vacationing off the coast of Italy, Amuse Society x D’Blanc shades are always with her, with a range of looks to inspire any outfit. Cat-eye styles for the girl who is not afraid to make a statement, and smaller round frames for the casual cool girl – this collection was thoughtfully crafted, creating styles that were designed by Amuse, for you.

D'Blanc Made For Vissla

A true celebration of the craftsmanship shared between board building and sunglass design. Inspired by Vissla’s 7 Seas Collection, the sunglass frames were built with a combination of Havana Tortoise Shell and Matte Black accents that are complimented with 7 gloss stripes on each temple. Available in 2 of our best selling frames, the Deep 6 and After Hours.

D'Blanc Premium Polarized

Premium Polarized

D’Blanc’s Premium Polarized glasses are built from the world’s finest lens materials. Our P3 Mineral Glass Polarized lenses utilize the thinnest glass lens on the market and are finished with a meticulous diamond polished finish. These lenses guarantee the utmost in clarity and depth perception. Our P1 Polycarbonate lenses are extremely lightweight, impact resistant and offer peak performance in all conditions. These are constructed with a mold-injected polarizing filter that can never wear out or rub off. All lenses provide 100% UVA, UBC & UVC protection.

Havana Rosa

This collection combines warm Havana tortoise shell frames with a splash of rose gold lenses. The perfect combination for hot summer days and balmy nights.

Peaking Rose

Soften the harsh rays of reality with a fresh look that blends the charm of a classic Havana tortoise pattern with a subtle, pink blush. Featuring gradient lenses with a dreamy, amethyst hue, the Peaking Rose collection achieves a balance that is both luxurious and lighthearted.

Dark Matter

Behind the polished exterior lurks something wild. We’re talking about Dark Matter, a new color collection that fuses gloss black on the outside of the frame with contrasting leopard-pattern on the inside. This is true stealth styling; far beyond basic black and fearlessly refined.


In the backwaters of the Venetian harbor lies the quiet isle of Murano, which is famous for its centuries old hand-blown glass industry. Inspired by these unique colors and textures, the Opaline collection features pearlescent crystal tones with distinctive gradient lenses.